Question / Answer
No, you need at least one E-LOSTBAG® to register on
No, E-LOSTBAG® is RFID/NFC technology based. RFID/NFC is in passive mode.
You can add as many as you need E-LOSTBAG® to a single account.
There are 2 types of information you can register. Global infos (Name, Address, Contact information) and Luggage infos (Picture, Trip Itinerary, Description, Flight)
When your luggage are identified, you receive an e-mail with information of this identification. You can also see the identification history in your account and get all information of the person who identified.
No, there are no personal information stored inside the chip.
All airlines, Lost&Found dept., luggage Handler, professional of transport. We check carefully each of our partner to preserve your confidentiality.
Yes. You can fill the E-LOSTBAG® identifier on the (Identify a luggage) section or directly scan it with your NFC smartphone.

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